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Do you remember a time when you believed anything was possible? However you may have became stuck and never were able to accomplish your goals.

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Read my story below so you too can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Back when I was in high school, my class and I were presented with the opportunity to change our lives forever!

Our teacher introduced us to a Vision Board! (A tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal, essentially a poster with a collage of pictures of the things that you want to have and accomplish). See my example 


Learn the power of seeing and keeping your goals in front of you

I am not saying for sure, but I don't think any of my friends followed through with the exercise; 1) no one has accomplished the things they once talked about, and 2) because the garbage can was full by the end of class with everyone's hopes and dreams. I figured what do I have to loose, and gave it a try.

I hung my vision board on the wall in my room and made sure it was the first thing I saw in the morning and the last thing I saw before going to bed. I also made one for my laptop and put it as the background, that way no matter what I was doing, the images were always there. I was skeptical at first but when I actually started seeing results my mind was blown! I am now on my second vision board with even bigger and better goals! You have to keep each goal close to your heart no matter how big or small.

After building my first vision board I learned that I could have, do, and be anything I wanted. Being able to focus on my goals both physically and mentally gave me the upper hand in everything. 

Being able to balance everyday life can also take some work upfront. I make a list of things I have to accomplish for each day. Some of the things I look forward to doing, and other stuff just has to get done whether I like it or not. I have learned to prioritize and set up my schedule according to the tasks I need to get done to continue to move towards my goals. I was once told that a person is most productive with-in the first 2 hours of waking up in the morning. I tend to take those first hours to get done the things that I really don't want to do, so I can look forward to the rest of the day doing the things that I want to do.

Hard work, vison, determination, and a clear mind will take you far.

Not only do I focus on my vision board daily, I also take the time at night to relax and listen to short meditations. If you are serious about your goals, then I STRONGLY encourage you to do the same! I have a NOOK on the night stand next to my bed with multiple MP3 downloaded meditations.

(By the way, I know my NOOK is not as fancy as an IPad or a Kindle but it does the job!) 

 Hard work definitely plays a key role in getting everything what you want out of life. Don't think you can look at your vision board a few times a day, listen to a couple meditations, be a couch potato and expect results. It takes Hard Work, Focus, and Mediation.

Do everything with excellence, even when no one is looking. Do everything with passion and to your absolute best ability and results will come! 

I created this site to help you understand that anything is possible! If I can do it, you can do it! If you work hard, take the time to relax/meditate after a busy day, and keep your goals true and in front of you anything is possible!

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From your mind, to paper, to reality! Remember you can be next!

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